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Thank you for purchasing The
NITE-BITE Professional Series Black Light, the best fluorescent Black
Light on the market today. The Aluminum Housing is made of 6063 aluminum alloy. The end caps are
fiber reinforced polycarbonate to help prevent breaking from minor impacts. The lenses are made
from a polycarbonate to help prevent scratches and protect from minor impacts. Our lights also have
a clear anodized finish on the aluminum housing making them very durable and ensuring that they
look good for years to come.

And don't forget, they FLOAT!   Should your light fall into the water while fishing, simply retrieve it,
shake it off, and let it dry out!  No lost  light, no lost money!

NITE-BITE Professional Series Light comes with a 3 yr manufacturer's warranty on the aluminum
housing, end caps, lens and workmanship from date of purchase. 2year warranty on switches,
ballast, bulbs, and power cord and jack from date of purchase.  Should this light fail for any reason
during this time or after the warranty expiration date, contact the manufacturer  for details on
warranty repair and service. Information listed below.

NITE-BITE LED comes with a Limited LifeTime Warranty. The Warranty covers the UV Light strip
should any of the LEDS go out. It does not cover any Damage that may occur to the light strip or
improper wiring.  

Manufacturer is not responsible for any damage caused by improper wiring to the light or any other
unauthorized changes to the light.

The lights are not intended to be submersed in the water during operation as damage to the light
will occur. It is intended only to retrieve the light from the water should it go overboard. Stand the
light on end and allow 12 to 24 hrs to dry before next use.  

Manufacturer reserves the right to inspect any light that comes in for repair. If found that the light
has been tampered with or altered in any way the warranty will be void, and there will be a service
charge for the repair.

In order to obtain the benefit of this warranty, the warranty card found in the box with this
information must be filled out and a copy of the receipt mailed within 30 days to Table Rock Black
Lights. Receipt must show the business name where light was purchased from and the date.

This warranty applies to original ownership only and with a valid warranty card on file.

Warranty Registration:
If you purchased a light from a retail location and there was No Warranty Card with the light.
Email your Name and Serial # to    
The serial # will have a 3 to 5 digit product identification number followed by a 4 digit serial number   
( 602-012 , 10702-0123) located on UPC label on the product.
If you purchased your light/s online from us you Light has already been registered.
Thank You For Your Purchase

Table Rock Black Lights
PO Box 9835
Springfield, MO

Phone:       417-840-7331      


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