If your looking for more light output than the traditional fluorescent tubes you'll want to
try these lights. The New Nite-Bite LED lights come in either 8 inch corded only or the
original 18 inch length. Both lights come in either the 3528 SMD medium-output LED
or the 5050 SMD High-Output LED'S. The Nite-Bite LED come in Ultraviolet,
Ultraviolet with a *Green center strip or in Green. Housed in the Nite-Bite 1 shell for
added protection and yes they float.
8"  LED                   Comes  Suction Cup only
18"inch LED come in Suction Cup and Gunnel Mount styles.
Nite Bite 1 Medium Output Corded
Nite Bite 1 Medium Output Gunnel Mount
Nite Bite 1 High Output Corded
Nite Bite 1 High Output Gunnel Mount
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Nite Bite 8 inch Medium Output
Medium-Output 3528 SMD Corded Only
Nite Bite 8 inch High Output
High-Output 5050 SMD Corded Only
Medium Output Lights
High Output Lights
* Ultraviolet with the Green center strip:  
The green center strip in the High Output lights comes with the 3528 medium output Leds only.                                             
The intensity of the High Output Green LED light strip can be to bright for the use of the Ultraviolet.
The High Output LED light strip can be substituted additional cost will apply. Call for information on how to order
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Gunnel Mount lights include female plugs and hardware for installation